March 6, 2019


As a Dachshund lover for decades I have always wanted to share the miracle of one of the dog breeds that although small, is the loyalist, smartest, most loving animal with the fiercest of hearts.  They live without fear and they love without fear.  They bring to the world an element that humanity itself lacks.

My first attempt ended in failure as I had a pair of wondrous creatures, a beautiful Sable boy named Deuce (Schmooter) and a shaded red named Savannah (Pow Pow).  Savannah was determined to remain pure and as a result they never shared any offspring.  What they did offer was 14 years of joy and loyalty.  Schmooty passed away peacefully from old age.  I miss him dearly and his loss will forever tug at my heart strings.  Pow Pow, a cancer survivor, hung in for a few years to make sure I was ok and went to join Schmooty at the Rainbow Bridge at the ripe old age of 18.

In the wake of Schmooter’s passing I was unsure what would lie ahead and owning another animal seemed impossible.  But even as I hurt so much I couldn’t help but start looking at dogs.  I couldn’t even conceive that I could find something that was as wonderful as Schmooty gave me.  Every Doxy I looked at would never be able to replace the love for my old dog.

However,  Schmooty was looking down from the Rainbow Bridge and he sent me a sign.  A star sent to me from him.  A tiny red boy that looked exactly like him as a baby.  What was amazing was they both had a Huntersbroad Crest (a prominent mohawk like feature).  Enter Maximillian Schmooter’s Starboy (Bubby).  This little boy rescued my heart and filled a gaping hole that Schmooty knew I needed filled.  A beautiful animal, so much just like Schmooty, but also his own strong, proud,and loving personality.  So much so, he proved a bit much for Pow Pow as her age prevented her from being the perfect play companion.  What to do now?  Well, turns out you can’t just have one puppy.  Turns out they need friends.

But how do you choose the right playmate.  They are all so cute…  I couldn’t decide…  So many choices…  What to do?  Well, we added Stormie Nights (Kinny) to the family, a beautiful Black & Tan Dapple Piebald female.  AND.  Bella Bear, a beautiful Black & Cream Dapple female.

AND AGAIN with Nara’s Vienna Bear who is named after my late mom who always wanted to name a doxy Vienna (Vienna Sausage to be exact).

With so much wonder and joy we decided that we would share it with the world…  And so, Schmooter Babies was created to do just that.  We hope we can provide a marvelous companion for your home.